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Indonesia Customer visiting for matcha powder sieving test

On 16th January 2019, Three friends from Indonesia visited us for testing the machine they ordered and also for other machine cooperation.

Here are their schedules:

The fist day:
We picked up customer from Zhengzhou airport at 17:00 and drive them to the Guesthouse. Later we took customer to Xinxiang local Muslim restaurants.
The second day:
Pick up customer from Guesthouse and went to the workshop with the customer to test the machine.
After testing machine, we went to meeting room for other machine instruction and new project cooperation.

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The third day:
Customer want to local scenic spot. So we bring them to Guoliang to see the majestic clinic spectacle.



The fourth day,

At morning 6:10, we take customer to Xinxiang east station and they are heading to Beijing.
It is really great reward for us to know customer is satisfied with machine and testing effect. Hope we can have more cooperation in the future.

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